Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well I can't find an idea for my title of my book. I'm stuck. Nothing sounds good. It's been "pirate book" for as long as I can remember. I am sitting here writing this title and that title but nothing fits. It's harder than writing the actual book I think! Sigh.


Sioux said...

Chrissy--These are two exercises that I once scoffed at, but they both worked.

1) Walk and talk. Choose a friend and go on a walk/hike. Talk about your book...the characters, the plot lines, the conflict. Perhaps a marvelous title will come to you.

2) Write a letter to an imaginary critic. Envision them any way you want. Mine was wearing her bathrobe, she had a cigarette dangling from her mouth, and she was wearing old ratty slippers. Write about your book--don't edit, just write about problems you had writing it, what worries you have about it, what twists and turns there are in the story, etc. Maybe a title will come that way...

Chrissy, you've done the hard work. Relax. It will come to you.

Christina O'Neil said...

Thanks so much. Those are very good, constructive ideas!