Thursday, July 1, 2010

First off

First off, my name is Christina :) You can call me Chrissy, depploverco, or whatever you wish as long as it's not Chris. I am not a boy, lol. This first blog is about my life, after that you get utter randomness. :)
    I am a writer. I write novels and poetry, as well as short stories and now blogs! I have been writing since I was a four year old, reading novels at two. I was supposed to be some prodigy, but due to my procrastination and moody ways I never quite lived up to that, though I did excel in school and I've written 7 novels fully, with tons of unfinished ones.
     Unfortunately, I have lost many novels, due to a thief who stole my laptop and hardrive. :( Karma will bite them in the ass one day! I have had a lot stolen from me, and have had quite the rough childhood, though no rougher than many others. It also gives me great inspiration.
     I am twenty one currently, April fool's baby, rock music lover, mother to be, and am engaged with my boyfriend of four years, Justin. He is amazing, and my everything. We've had every up and down you can imagine, I haven't been the best girlfriend in the past but I admit it and we're stronger for it. I say we crazy kids just may make it!
     I am a Book-aholic, I absolutely love the Twilight Series and any vampire book, I'm currently writing a vampire novel, which I will post tidbits of on here. :) I am of course hoping to be published, that would be my ultimate dream, to have others love my writing as I do! 
     I have a puppy, a German Shepherd/Beagle mix. I used to have cats, but they wanted to live outside and became alley cats... which they are happy as. I miss them, though. I am a huge animal rights activist, a HSUS member as well as ASPCA. I was a PETA member, but damn it, I'm not gonna be told I'm horrible for eating cheetos! I buy organic everything when I have the money, farm raised, hormone free, humanely treated products. They judge too much. I am against animal abuse,and the Seal Hunt and Cat and dog fur trade are my two biggest causes at the moment! Let me know if you'd like any information!
     Favorite bands? Too many to count! System of a down, Breaking Benjamin, Pink Floyd, Incubus, Disturbed, All American Rejects, Van Halen, Muse and MANY more that will make an appearance here!! I am a rock lover, as I've said, but I love Classical as well. It is great to write to! Also, some Usher never killed anyone. ;)
     At the moment I live with my fiance's parents, which can be rough to say the least. I live with a girl nine months pregnant and I'm terrified of her. Though when she's not pregnant she's not so bad. Her man is more pregnant than her. As for everyone else, they're cool. :) Can't complain, we have time to save up to move out and get baby stuff!
     My parents and I are rocky... to say the least. I absolutely love them, but my mother is very stressful. I moved from KY to FL to get away from her, but I'll never quit loving them. My brother has Autistic tendencies, and I miss him and hope he is doing okay! He's almost eighteen now, which is insane. Plus, their dog is a demon from hell, and this is coming form an animal lover!
    Well, next blog will be an excerpt from my story, then more to come!!


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