Tuesday, July 20, 2010


     I find it hard to think of anything to be sad about. I am tan finally, my natural color is coming back to my hair, Justin and I sex wise has never been better, and Justin and I relationship wise is damn near perfect. I would say the only thing that sucks is how bad I miss my parents and friends in Kentucky. I have no girlfriends yet considering I haven't been out much on my own, not at all really, unless it's walking, which I do every day. I'm down to 135, and when I got here I was 150. Being pregnant, I really need to put on some weight. I actually lied to the doctors the other week a couple pounds so they'd think I've gained weight. 
     I go back to the doc on Thursday, and then I get my 3D ultrasound scheduled, so I'm excited! My nails and hair have never grown this much, a perk to pregnancy, but I totaly have two little stretch marks on my tummy. For my tummy as big as it is, I don't understand how I haven't gained ANY weight. I eat a few times a day, small things, but still, and I non stop drink water. At least my baby is doing good, I heard her heartbeat and it was 148 I think? And she wouldn't quit moving when they looked at her. 
     I can't wait to hold her in my arms, I just  know she's going to be so beautiful, like her mommy, but probably prettier than me. Lord know in her ultrasound she already has my nose and these amazing cheekbones. She's going to be just perfect. I finally got to buy her an outfit :) I can't wait to buy her more! Justin has bought an electronic cigarette, so he's quitting smoking using it. It's a vapor, I think. I'm proud of him, but selfishly I'm more proud that he decided to get amazing at sex. Like AMAZING. That was always our issue, and I guess he just got over it? 
     Idk, if sex and walking really help you go into labor, expect miss Caelin in November rather than December. <3 you all, gotta quit getting distracted and write at least 5 pages of my book.

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