Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, I am still writing! I'm gonna try and do NaNoWriMo this november, to give me a good kick in the butt writing wise before my bundle of joy and...well, poop comes! lol. I'm happy these days, really happy, with the exception of a couple random mood swings and my belly growing and starting to get in the way of things, like, say, the doorknob. :( Ouch! Anyway, I found a book I wrote right before I met Justin, I think i finished it when we started dating? You know, it's not bad! Not great, but not bad. It's a cowboy, Harlequin type romance, so maybe I'll see if I couldn't try and get that published under Harlequin, or Mira. As for my vampire book, I can see that being a BIG hit... but my all time favorite book is Fire Over The Sea (I bet someone has that name, I'm gonna be pissed!)

However, a very famous writer I know personally, she's written over fifty new york time bestsellers, told me that you sometimes need to put the one that's gonna sell out first, then, once you amke a name for yourself, you can get that other book published, the one you really love but isn't exactly mainstream. So I'm going with that. Publisher's aren't quite ready for abusive pirates, sadistic serial killers, a murdering sociopath daughter and plenty of cussing, fucking and abuse :) I am a sick, twisted girl.

Another thing that kinda sucks about pregnancy is no rough sex. He's so afraid to hurt the baby! It's not going to! I'm dying here. I love to be choked, love the whole male dominance thing, and now he's so worried about hurting me, we hardly have good sex! Very shitty. I'd say it's my only complaint. :( Am I gonna have to wait till six weeks after the baby to have good sex again? I am happy he cares so much, but it is a mood killer...

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, go harder!"

"I can't!"

Peace for now bitches :)

p.s. Random, but Ian Somerhalder is hot... and I just thought about that ;) So he deserves a mention!

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