Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poem :)

I'm Fucking Crazy

Running like crazy,

I heard something behind me.

heart beats eratically,

what the fuck could it be?

I run so fast I lose my breath,

feet lose their grip.

I run because I fear my death,

so my awareness must never slip.

I'm cold, so fucking cold I'm freezing,

my face and hands go numb.

I lose all my breath, I start wheezing,

why the fuck am I so dumb?

In this moment I can't feel,

I have no clue if I exist.

I wonder if this whole world is just an illusion...

I'm fucking insane,

I realized that a long time ago.

I run through the rain,

so icy on my body it feels like snow.

I look at the ducks swimming by,

I join them in the lake.

I swim and swim, I cry and cry,

wondering if this all could be fake.

Finally, I reach land,

I step out, breath the frosty air.

There is your hand,

you take me in, rubbing my hair.

I'm perfectly crazy,

my anxiety is killing me.

I wanna live normally,

I wanna be free.

There was never anything there,

I've come to this realization.

Fear for me lurks everywhere,

but only in my imagination.

You're my savior,

you're my everything.

Yes, I'm crazy,

you make me somewhat sane.

You hold me tight, kiss me,

keep me safe from the rain...

I hear it...

Pattering on the roof.

I look at you, and slowly realize,

I never ran anywhere.

I'm safe.

I'm home.

I'm fucking crazy.

You fucking love me.

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