Monday, July 19, 2010


Well I just finished this book called Sweet Savage Love, by Rosemary Rogers. It was pretty darn good, read it in two nights. I loved the main character, Ginny Brandon, but her dude Steve Morgan is a grade A dousche... almost no redeeming qualities. What pissed me off is I guess when she wrote this, in the early 70's, it was totally cool to show all his affairs, but God help Ginny!  ~spoiler~ She's called a whore throughout the whole book, and even though she gets raped he shows no sympathy. I have written rape in my book as well, but it was just... different, I guess. Although I was graphic, you can feel her pain, and then my heroines love interest, for all his flaws, has quite a lot of good qualities. Maybe in the sequel to her books I'll like him better, but I kept wanting her to end up with someone else! All in all, it kept me intrigued until the end, so as unlikeable as he was, it was really a great, epic adventure! I would say nobody is perfect, and that people love them anyway. As with my characters, you may dislike them at times, but I show the good and bad sides. They're multi dimensional. One day I'll be published and you can see all that :) For now, I need to suck up some courage and query agents again. Getting denied a lot can really depress a girl!

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